In Studio - Frigs - Bad Behaviour

In Studio - Frigs - Bad Behaviour
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words & photos by - @rcstills

The dronery and tightness that makes up Toronto natives -Frigs - has become the bands signature and lure. Fronted by the hypnotic and gravelled tones of singer Bri Salmena the four piece meld dynamic jams and frustrated palettes into a sound that somehow makes you feel stoned.

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Basic Behaviour is Frigs first full length and see them delving into more elaborate and chaotic waters whilst remaining true to their aforementioned sound.

Enjoyin a lil sponsor time from the Young Henry's fam

Enjoyin a lil sponsor time from the Young Henry's fam

The band had this to say on the completion of this year long project, "Basic Behaviour was written and recorded over a 16-month period, split between two locations: the band’s home studio and Union Sound Company in the east end of Toronto.

As much as the lyrical subject matter within the record reflects personal experiences of Bria, the album is a product of years of self discovery as a unit."

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Recording at home allowed the band to take the time to explore their sound, experimenting with sonic textures and production, and meticulously re-working their material. These sessions proved to be invaluable in creating a sound unique to FRIGS. However, a degree of positive urgency was deemed necessary in order to finalise the process.

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"Working with engineer Ian Gomes, FRIGS embraced the limitations of third-party studio time and completed the record with a sense of immediacy. The resulting contrast between these two approaches in recording creates an end product that is at once stark, chaotic, reflective, and manic, ultimately forming the core of Basic Behaviour’s identity. "

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